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In this page you can download stuff for free. I've made these files by my own, so they are totally unofficial.
The aim was to replace things you have lost and letting you play again with the game, just download it and print it.
Please don't ask me for original scanned pictures, due to copyright issues I'm not allowed to send them. Thank you!

Deeds Cards

These are PDF files I've made on my own, so they're not original. They are based on 1988 EU edition values which are the most common used.

If you wish to have your language just send me the translation of these words in your language and I'll put them in the downloads section:

Title Deed
Rent Due
Cost of land
Compulsory purchase price
One entrance
Main Building
Extension 1
Star Rating
Number of nights 

Game Rules

Note: Some of the rules are different between the editions. These are the originals and the most common and are here just to give an idea of what the game is about. Non-english instructions has been automatically translated so they might not be 100% faithful. If you wish to contribute correcting some translation mistakes please send me an email and I'll be happy to credit your name.

Virtual Dice

Have you lost one of your dice? No problem!
This is not a real "download" but a link to a web page called "Flipped Simu" where you can virtually use both dice.
Click on the picture below, just click or tap on one of the dice (Permission die / number die) and they will roll for you! There are no excuses not to play it!

Desktop Wallpapers

Mobile Wallpapers