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Asmodee 2013 Special

This is a special page dedicated to the 2013 edition by Asmodee.

The guys from Asmodee has kindly provided me some rare pictures of the "behind the scene" work that has been done to produce their edition.

During the development many ideas have been used to create the graphics of hotels, table and box. It's nice to see the mix of hand drawn stuff, pc drawn stuff and 3d graphics stuff.

These are the first sketches:

A very interesting sketch of the guide lines with ideas and information about the hotels and how they should look. They also had different names

Some of the first black and white sketches for the box

Comparing some fonts for the "HOTEL" logo to choose the right one

And here is the final box picture for the prototype to be sent through fairs as a presentation

A couple of 3d renderings that are on the final box

A rough sketch for the definitive box design

Some 3d rendering of the roofs and bases 

Some nice 3d rendering at different point of view of the game

A temporary picture of the Artica Leisure Facilities (without the strange "scarf behaviour" of the penguins that ended up in the publishe version)

These pictures comes from the site Galleria di Gioconomicon, and were taken during the Nuremberg Toy Fair of 2013. These are the prototypes of the game, and there are a lot of differences from the final version in almost anything. In the first picture, on the poster you can see another prior prototype, you can easily notice the different roof of the Tower, the low walls of Artica and the different position of the hotels of UPTOWN TOWERS