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HOTEL™ is made under license from NPD Partnership Ltd. ©2023 & Design Registration Ooba Ltd. All rights reserved.

All the photos of this site were taken by myself from my collection except were indicated (thank you guys for the support!). I've also found some pictures over internet, so if you are the owner of the photo, I'll credit your name or I'll remove the picture if you require. The design of this site is made by my own.

This is a totally unofficial data, I’ve spent thousands of hours gathering information to make them as accurate and complete as possible.

All the parts, names and rules of the game that I have photographed are copyright of the specific distributor / game company.

For the PC games (which are all unofficials) I just don't give the official links.

I've made this site because I'm a huge fan and collector of Hotel, I wished to make the most comprehensive source of this game. If I'm violating some kind of other copyright please advise me and I'll remove the material.

If you wish to share my material please make a link to my site.