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There are several editions of Hotel, if we exclude the travel editions we can resume the content of a standard box. Beware that many editions are different between each other, if you want to check the componenents for each edition please check the edition menu or go here


Each game has its own colourful full telescope rigid cardboard box of different dimensions, based of a box lid and a box base inside of it. Sometimes it's included a box divider made of plastic or cardboard which helps to keep the various components in order.


The board is make of hard carboard, mainly foldable in two or four. Over this board is where all the game happens: there is a path that players must travel in circle. Around the path there are several spaces where they can perform different actions. All around this path there are the hotel areas


There are 8 different hotels called with different names depending the editions. Each hotel is made of a different number of buildings. The single buildings are made of a paperboard wall and assembled together with a base and a roof made of plastic. Some buildings may have additional pieces (like the famous lampposts of Royal)


For each group of building that form an hotel there is a "facilities" piece of cardbox, except the Asterix edition.


Each box has 8 Title Deeds, one for each hotel, a piece of cardboard showing the cost prices and rent values.


The banknotes used by players and the bank divided into 5 denominations and colours:
50 - 100 - 500 - 1000 - 5000
The number of banknotes contained depends on the version:
  50 100 500 1000 5000
1974 Fisher 15 30 15 30 15
1986 MB 20 20 20 20 25
1987 "HOTELS" 20 40 20 40 20
1987 HK 10 30 25 30 10
1988/1990 EU 20 20 20 20 20
1993 MB 10 30 20 30 10
1998 Funskool 10 30 30 30 10
2001 IT (travel) 20 34 19 29 10
1996 MB / Parker 10 30 20 30 10
2003 ES (travel) 8 22 15 22 8
2003 FR (travel) 8 21 14 21 8
2006 Las Vegas 10 30 25 30 10
2008 Asterix 10 40 20 30 10
2013 Asmodee 10 30 20 30 10
2023 Ooba 10 30 20 30 10


These are two buildings put over the table at the beginning of the match. Tha bank is put next to the line "Collect 2000" and the Town Hall next to the line "Buy entrances". In some versions they are called differently.


These are 30 entrances in each box, mostly yellow or red, but in some editions colour and shape may vary.


These are two dice, one a common 1 to 6 die, the second a special die for the building phase, with 3 green faces, one red, one "H" and one "2". Colours may vary between editions.


There are 4 tokens, one for each player, with 4 different colours. The most common shape of token is a car but it may vary between editions.


In each box there should be at least a kind of instructions. In the beginning instructions were written on the box, then a leaflet was introduced. Some versions include more than one leaflet, one for each language of that version.


In some editions there may be a piece of paper that indicates how to build the hotels


In some MB black editions there may be included a small paper catalogue of other MB games